भोटिंग बुथ बारे महासचिब पदका उम्मेदवार गुरागाईंले मुख खोले


भोटिंग बुथ बारे हिजो बेलुकादेखि भोटिंग बुथ राख्न नहुने सम्बन्धमा समाजका बिबिध व्यक्तिहरु, उम्मेदवारहरु र मतदाताहरुले आ-आफ्नो धारणा व्यक्त गरिरहेका छन । यसैबीच महासचिब पदका सशक्त उम्मेदवार क्यालिफोर्नियाका प्रेम गुरागाईंले पनि बिज्ञप्ति मार्फत भोट बुथ बारे मुख खोलेका छन । उनको बिज्ञप्ती:

Date: Sunday, June 8, 2014

Election Commissioner
National Election Commission
NRN NCC of USA Election, 2014

Dear Sir,

My name is Prem Guragain from Los Angeles, California and am a Candidate for General Secretary for the election of NRN NCC of USA.

First of all, I would like to thank Election Commission and all the volunteers involved to bring out the final voters list and giving an opportunity to all the registered voters for Fair Election. As the election progresses, there have been many issues that I think, need to be addressed right away so that all the voters can use their right to vote for their candidate of choice.

The most recent issue that I would like to bring attention to all voters and the candidates is: decision of the Election Commission to have election booths in New York and Maryland. Since we have the voters from almost all the States and this last minute decision without consulting with candidates, is not fair and I would like Election Commission to change the decision and let all the voters from all over the USA vote either electronically or by sending the ballot.

Our main goal as all NRN NCC of USA candidates is to let the fair election take place and whoever wins the election, to let him or her perform the duties by UNITING all NRNs and PNOs in the USA and show an example of UNITY by action, to the world.

I have been always bringing this issue of Fair election and voting rights of each voter without the interference by others and hope that Election Commission will take steps to make it happen.

Let the election take place without the influence of certain interest groups and let’s give the right of each voter to exercise his or her right to vote to the candidate of their choice without bias based on political background, race, religion or any particular social groups.

Also, I have noted that there is no place on www.nrnpnousa.org website where one can find his or her serial number, name, state and voter ID number and hence I am attaching all the voters’ names with the details to make sure that each voter can find the details.

Once again, thanks to Election Commission and all the volunteers who have made this possible to have a Historical Election of NRN NCC of USA.

I again request each voter to check their name from the attached list and make sure that you have voted to the candidate of your choice.


Prem Guragain
Los Angeles, California
Candidate for General Secretary

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